Having gay intercourse along with your closest friend

Having gay intercourse along with your closest friend

When, at celebration, once I ended up being 15 or 16 years of age, a woman I’d been talking to for just two mins asked me if I’d a gf.

“No, ” we responded. “I’m homosexual. ”

“Oh my god! ” She stated, instantly happy. “Will you be my homosexual closest friend? ”

This is maybe maybe perhaps not the first-time we have been extended this kind of invitation. Before i really could answer, she asked if I’d go shopping with her. We rolled and grimaced my eyes, an answer she deemed rude. She hadn’t designed to offend me personally. But she additionally most likely had no basic concept just exactly how insulting it absolutely was to try and deputize me personally as her brand new sidekick moments after fulfilling me personally, mainly because I happened to be homosexual.

There is apparently this notion, underlined by programs like Will & Grace as well as other very early aughts media, that straight women can be natural allies to men that are gay.